We are pleased to be able to offer a Live Online 8 week MBSR course via the online conference system Zoom. This way you can participate from the comfort of your home or from travels where ever you are.

This Live Online course is an opportunity for beginners to get their first experience of mindfulness or a great chance for mindfulness practitioners to refresh their practice, dive deeper into mindfulness or prepare themselves for a TT1 Foundation Course or TT2 Advanced course with us at Mindful Academy Solterreno or some other organization.

We have great feedback from former students telling us they have thoroughly enjoyed the group setting and being able to have new insights and understanding into their life when lead by a Senior MBSR teacher. During the course, even when connecting online, the group forms a sense of connection and co-journeying.

The Live Online 8 week MBSR course is run exactly the same way as an in-person course. Instead of travelling to an external location once a week however, we connect through the Zoom conference system for 2,5 hours once a week over a period of 8 weeks. The sessions are led in the same way with the same curriculum as in-person courses each session combining didactical parts as well as practice together with the group led by the teacher. After each session participants are given home practice to complete during the following week.

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About the Programme

This course aims to assist you in taking better care of yourself and in getting the most out of living. The majority of people completing the programme report lasting physical and psychological benefits including:

an increased ability to relax

greater energy and enthusiasm for life

heightened self-confidence

an increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations.

The aim of the programme is to learn new ways to handle challenging physical
sensations, feelings, moods, or social interactions.


Home practice plays an important role in this course and we strongly recommend considering if you are able to commit to practicing up to 30-60 minutes per day. Mindfulness is an experiential practice, its benefits come through practice, not through intellectual reading or learning about it. To support your home practice, at the beginning of the course we will email to you an extensive Participants Handbook and each week you will be sent that week’s practice as an mp3 file. Home practice includes listening and practicing together with the mp3s, reflecting and making notes about your experience, and practicing some informal practices during your day.

During the course, as you practice mindfulness, many different experiences may surface, ones that feel intense and challenging. We encourage participants to stay as well as they can with all that arises, developing a new relationship with the unpleasant experiences. This is an important part of the course, we intentionally learn to turn towards challenges with kindness rather than pushing them away as something we don’t want to deal with. During the course, you will learn ways to manage difficult thoughts and emotions as well as anchor yourself with your breath or body if the experience becomes overwhelming.

This course is:

The most scientifically researched mindfulness program
MBSR was created by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness
Great for beginners and advanced meditators
Prerequisite for MBSR Teacher Training
Practice focused with formal and informal mindfulness and meditation practices

Who Should Enroll?

Individuals and Beginners • HR  Professionals • Wellness Professionals • Healthcare Professionals • Coaches •  Mindfulness Teachers • Yoga Teachers • Fitness Instructors Leaders • Entrepreneurs • School teachers • Therapists



The course will teach new ways to relate to our body sensations, thoughts and emotions.


It helps us develops skills that make us better equipped in taking care of our well-being, and managing stress and adversities more effectively .


Learning to respond to situations more mindfully and from a state of presence rather than mindlessly reacting.


Learning new ways of relating to difficulties.


This 8-week course is accepted as entry criteria to the Mindful Academy Teaching Training pathway for Mindfulness MBSR Teachers.

  • The course very much develops our attitude towards whatever is happening in this very moment. We are not so focused on the reasons behind the experience, but are interested in what is going on right now and how we can befriend better with our experience in the present moment.

Content of the 8-week course

Session One – What is Mindfulness? There is more right with us
than wrong

Session Two – Perception and creative responding, How we
perceive the world and ourselves

Session Three – Mindfulness of the Breath and the Body in
Movement: There is both pleasure and power in being present.

Session Four – Learning about our Patterns of Stress Reactivity:
Wherever you go, there you are.

Session Five – Working with Stress: Mindful Responding instead of

Session Six – Stressful Communications: Interpersonal Mindfulness

Retreat Day

Session 7 – Lifestyle Choices: How can I be kind to myself?

Session 8 – A Mindful Life: Keeping your Mindfulness Alive


The cost of the group 8-week course is 290 euros

This includes:
Extensive Participant handbook
Mp3’s to support your home practice
Pre-course interview
Teacher support between sessions via email


It is also possible to choose the Live Online 8-week MBSR course in a 1-to-1 setup. This is a unique opportunity to go through the curriculum and practice together with the experienced teacher with personal support. Many people take this opportunity to deepen their practice before teacher training despite having taken the course as well. This is also a useful setup for people who have an irregular schedule as the sessions can be planned to suit one’s individual needs.

  • All Year – private 1-to-1    8 Week and Condensed Courses. Individual 8 x 90-minute sessions 700 euros.
  • Two people 8 x 120-minute sessions 500 euros per person.
  • Please contact to discuss start dates:

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