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This could be Bodhin (if available) or one of the team: Sheena Burke, Claire Griffin, Helen Grain, Jackie Albert, Tuire, Jazz, Monique
Is this to help you prepare for TT1 or TT2, or your first teaching of an 8-week course?
Please note, the length of time and frequency will be discussed and agreed during your first session. Of course ad hoc sessions can also be arranged on top of the contracted sessions (subject to availability)
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This is the application form for supervision with the Mindful Academy Solterreno. By providing the information and submitting the registration you agree that Mindful Academy Solterreno can store and share your information with Course Director Bodhin Philip Woodward so that we are able to administer and deliver the required Supervision and/or Mentoring.

Please note: This does not constitute clinical supervision. This does not preclude supervisees from using the process to explore their mindfulness practice with different client groups and in different settings, but the supervisor does not take responsibility for direct clinical work. The supervision process will not incorporate personal therapy.


Discussions in the sessions will normally be held in complete confidence.

It is understood that the supervisor may take any appropriate matters arising from this supervision to his/her own supervision process. All reasonable care will be taken to ensure the supervisee’s anonymity. If the supervisor is sufficiently concerned about a matter with serious criminal, ethical or personal implications told to him/her by the supervisee, s/he reserves the right to break confidentiality by discussing this with another responsible person (e.g. the supervisor’s consultant supervisor, the supervisee’s clinical supervisor). Every effort would be made to discuss this with the supervisee in the first instance.

If audio or video tapes are used as part of the supervision process, the supervisee will ensure that the client(s) or patient(s) is/are explicitly aware of this, and gain their written consent(s) to recorded material being used for this purpose.

The content of the sessions will largely be determined by the issues that the supervisee brings. The supervisee will therefore be responsible for choosing what material to bring and will also be responsible for what they take from supervision and how that learning is applied.

The supervisor will be responsible for offering reflective guidance and support, which will include training, enquiry and teaching. The process will entail investigative dialogue and exploration around the issues brought to supervision including

  • Supervision as a component of the Mindfulness Good Practice Guidelines, including preparing for TT1 and TT2 along with the recommended one year training pathway.
  • Acting as guide and mentor to the Supervisee’s personal meditation practice in terms of:
  • The ongoing development and deepening of personal practice.
  • Supporting the way this interfaces with Mindfulness teaching or one-to-one work and everyday life.
  • Using Mindfulness practice and teaching skills to:
  • Bring the inquiry process into the exploration of the Supervisee’s experience both personally and professionally.
  • Mindfully hold and balance the supportive, educational, and ethical strands of Supervision.
  • Supporting the Supervisee’s understanding of the Theory of Teaching Mindfulness
  • Supporting the Supervisee during the preparation and delivery of the 8 Week MBSR Course.
  • Supporting the Supervisee during the 8 Week MBSR course/workshops etc in regard to the participants and the group
  • Defining, drawing out, and supporting the integration of Mindfulness in the Supervisee’s professional role.
  • Holding the paradox of non-striving, non-fixing in secular, results-oriented contexts.
  • Being clear about clinical and non-clinical responsibilities. Please note Mindful Academy limits advice and guidance to non-clinical areas of Mindfulness content and process.

Data Protection
Supervisors are not obliged to, but may keep process notes of the supervision sessions to act as an aide memoire. Notes will be kept securely for one year on completion of the contract and then destroyed.

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